The Importance of a Good Chauffeur

Very often overlooked…

Chauffeuring companies can boast all day long about their fleet of Bentleys and Rolls Royces, yet we at London VIP Travel know that is only half the battle.

The other half is won by having top quality chauffeurs, capable of providing an unmatched service through their integrity of character and driving ability.

Unfortunately the type of old school, traditional and highly skillful chauffeurs are hard to come by.

In a world where your mobile phone can give you directions and your only incentive for being polite is a 5 star online rating – the art of true, honest chauffeuring is fading.

However we refuse to follow convention.

We are proud to say ALL our chauffeurs are at the top of their trade. They dress smart, are courteous, and have a deeply-ingrained knowledge of London’s roads and backstreets. Our chauffeurs have character, charm and are driven by their desire to provide the perfect service.

We are honoured to maintain a fleet of incredible cars, but even more honoured to work with the talented men and women that drive them.

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