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See Stonehenge and Salisbury in Style

Join us as we take you on a bespoke tour of the most iconic landmarks in the South of England, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to experience the beauty, majesty, and mystique of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral.



Take a trip through historical Britain, tracking the druidic prehistoric builders of Stonehenge, the Bronze Age grave of Amesbury Archer all the way through to the knights of Garter who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta.

Witness the beautiful spires of Salisbury Cathedral and enjoy the architecture of the British country with visits to National Trust listed 17th century buildings, Mompesson House and Arundells – the house of former Prime Minister Edward Heath. The Wiltshire countryside boasts the best of British archeological finds. Trips to the West Kennet Long Barrow built in the Neolithic 37th Century BC along with tours of famed Devizes and Salisbury Museum will inspire and educate both advanced and novice archaeologist enthusiasts alike.

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VIP Tour of Salisbury

 You will have the chance to explore Salisbury cathedral at your leisure, taking in its soaring spires, intricate stonework, and breathtaking stained glass windows. Our guide will provide you with fascinating insights into the cathedral’s history and the stories behind its most famous features.

Next, we will take you on a leisurely stroll through the city’s historic streets, where you can marvel at the medieval architecture, quaint shops, and charming cafes. Our tour includes visits to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including the Old Sarum, the medieval market square, and the Guildhall.

Stonehenge Luxury Tour

Enjoy a private chauffeured ride to the Stonehenge site in a luxurious vehicle.

Our expert guide will be on hand to provide you with fascinating insights into the history and mysteries of Stonehenge, giving you a deeper understanding of this incredible site.

As part of our VIP tour, you will enjoy exclusive access to areas of Stonehenge that are off-limits to the general public. You will have the chance to explore the stones up close and personal, taking in their awe-inspiring beauty and learning about their significance to the people who built them. Our guide will provide you with fascinating insights into the stones’ history and the many theories and legends that surround them.

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Below is a sample itinerary of what to expect for a full day tour of Salisbury & Stonehenge.

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