We have implemented the following range of standards and controls to keep our passengers and chauffeurs safe at all times.  


The interior of all vehicles, door handles and high-touch surfaces are disinfected using antibacterial spray by chauffeurs wearing nitrile gloves before and after every journey.   Disposable plastic bags are provided for contaminated waste in the vehicle, and are removed and replaced after every journey.   Each of our vehicles are fogged once a week.  

For Guests

An individual PPE parcel containing a face mask, tissues, antibacterial surface wipes and a disposable zip lock bag are provided to every passenger who journeys with us.   Hand sanitiser is provided in all vehicles.    

Luggage Handling

Our chauffeurs will always ask a passenger’s permission first if they are happy for them to handle their luggage.   Hand sanitiser is used directly before and after a chauffeur handles a passenger’s luggage; and disinfectant is used to wipe down the handles of luggage prior to hand over to the passenger or hotel staff.   Large polythene bags are available to be placed over luggage if necessary.  

Chauffeur & Guest Etiquette

Chauffeurs are required to wear a face covering at all times.   Chauffeurs and guests are asked not to shake hands when meeting.   Chauffeurs and passengers are asked to maintain a respectful distance wherever possible.   Chauffeurs will open doors for passengers while facing away from the vehicle, lowering the potential risk of transmission.   As key workers, our chauffeurs are regularly tested for COVID-19.

Our team at London VIP Travel remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and chauffeur etiquette, while continuing to provide an unforgettable and seamless travel experience for our guests.

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